Hobre On-line & Portable Analyzers

1-hobreHobre has been supplieng first-class on-line analyzers for demmanding applicaton for more than 35 years. They have worked to create fit-for-purpose solutions for oil and gas production, refining, the (petro-) chemical sector and other industries.

Hobre is a leeding maker analyzers measuring BTU/Wobbe Index, H2S and S. We have agreements with leading manufacturers for other applications such as physical property analysis, process gas chromatography and SRU analysis.

Products can be described for Oil & Gas Industries as:

    Fuel and Flare Gas Combustion Parameters (
  2. HLT Hilase
    H2S, H2O, & CO2 by TDL / Photo Acoustics (read more…)
  3. Metorex C-100
    On-line Elemental Analyzer (read more…)
    Gas Sample Conditioning System (read more…)
  5. HIGAS
    (Portable) Natural Gas Quality Meter (read more…)
    CO ( detector ) and H2O Analyzer (read more…)

Hobre has unique capabilities in developing and building solutions according to clients  needs have transformed the company into an indispensable partner for its clients. Our products have earned an established reputation for operational excellence, superior quality and reliability.

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