Nexon Group

4-nexon wNexson Group is located in Burgundy, in the center of France.

Rich with 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of welded heat exchangers, pressure vessels, filters and separation modules, we cover a large range of processes and applications such as Refinery, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Coke Oven Gas & Steel…

We offer you the listening, reactivity and a continuous follow up.

Experience and motivation of our team are the driving engine of Nexson to always bring you the best professional support in your everyday projects.


Nexson Group is specialized in the manufacturing of welded heat exchangers such as the Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger.

These types of heat exchangers have become, over the years, the best alternative to the traditional shell & tube.
With robust and versatile design, high heat transfer efficiency and small footprint, they can bring huge energy cost savings.
Their installation costs are minimal and the maintenance stops are significantly reduced.

These heat exchangers can be easily cleaned by opening the covers, giving total access to the whole heat transfer area.


Nexson Group Products

Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger

 Spiral Plate Heat ExchangerGreenSpiral® : The Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger is a proven single channel technology of welded heat exchanger.
Strong and of versatile design, the Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger is used in many difficult applications to solve fouling, erosion and fatigue problems. Read more

Spiral heat exchanger standard ranges

 Spiral heat exchanger standard rangesStandard GreenSpiral® : Nexson-Group offers a range of standard Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers (SPHE), in order to take advantage of SPHE benefits, a short delivery time and low costs. Read more

Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Welded Plate Heat ExchangerGreenBox® : the welded plate heat exchanger, concentrate of thermal efficiency and compactness, the robustest of its category. Read more

GreenPlate heat exchanger

GreenPlate heat exchangerGreenPlate® : Thanks to an optimized design of the corrugations for a better fluid distribution along the plates, the Nexson Group gasketed plate heat exchanger allows reliable operating conditions for longer operation time and reduce installation and maintenance costs significantly. Read more

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube Heat ExchangerGreenShell&Tube® : Nexson Group provides shell & tubes that covers most of the known range. Our core product is the corrugated type, that offers higher thermal efficiency compared to smooth classical tubes. Read more


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