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Industrial Valves

Industrial Valves for Power Station, oil & gas , iron & steel & petrochemical industries.
Industrial fittings. Actuators
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Syscom 18 SRL


Specialized in the field of industrial automation.
Metering systems & Skids.
Liquid or gas metering systems production
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Kimman Process Solutions

Automated Sampling Systems

Automated Sampling Systems for liquid & gas.

Crude Oil Sampling. KPS e-JetMixing

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Analyzer solutions

Hobre On-line & Portable Analyzer
Fuel and Flare Gas Combustion Parameters,H2S, H2O, & CO2. On-line Elemental Analyzer .
CO ( detector ) and H2O Analyzer.(Portable) Natural Gas Quality Mete
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Nexson Group

Heat Exchangers

welded heat exchangers

Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger.

GreenPlate heat exchanger.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

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Floating Ball Valves , Trunnion ball valves , Double
Block and Bleed Ball Valves, Industrial Valves.
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ZWICK is a leading manufacturer of valves which meet highest requirements and quality standards. The product range contains metal-seated butterfly valves known as series TRI-CON, the check valves series TRI-CHECK and the TRI-BLOCK series, ZWICK’s Double Block and Bleed Design. More Info