6-syscomEstablished in 1991, SYSCOM 18 is a company with solely Romanian investment specialized in the field of industrial automation equipment and metering systems.

‘Key services’ supplier, SYSCOM 18 has over 800 clients in Romania, Middle East and Central Asia. Most of the orders have been placed for the petroleum and natural gases industry as well as for cement, ceramics, drugs, metallurgy, etc.

Among the most important clients over the years can be mentioned
Petrom, Romgaz, Transgaz, Rafo, Mittal Sidex, Inspet, Condmag, Armax, Confind, Arpechim, Petrobrazi, Rominserv, ANRS.

Starting with the year 2000, SYSCOM 18 performed activities abroad in countries like
Syria, Kazakhstan, Iran, Libya, Jordan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria and United Arab Emirates.

The delivered equipment is manufactured by well known companies, according to the best quality standards. SYSCOM 18 signed contracts of exclusive distribution with over 50 companies from Europe, USA and Japan.

SYSCOM 18 has about 110 employees, several branches all over the country and a total turnover of about Eur 20 million.

C.I.F.: RO 1564431
Nr.ord. Registrul Comertului: J40/9782/1991

Metering systerms

Liquid or gas metering systems production

Another important component of our activity is the engineering and production of the metering systems for liquids or gases.
We are by far the biggest Romanian manufacturer of fiscal metering skids for liquids other than water, according OIML R117. We design, built, install and calibrate volumetric and/ or mass systems.

WE have modern production facilities, with mechanic, welding, electric, metrology specialists and test and calibration facilities as well.

We produce also large natural gas metering station, ultrasonic, turbine or orifice plate’s flow meters, unidirectional or bidirectional, quality gas measurement through dew-point analyzers and gas chromatographs, all integrated with a supervising system capable of proving operation for two serial installed flow meters.

Syscom 18 Products Brochure [PDF]

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